NextgenDigiHub Academy is one of the first NorthWestern Maharashtra’s Agency based Digital Marketing Institute. This group is also a consultancy based agency which is a one-stop destination to gain your momentum in the Digital Age.

The courses curated in NextgenDigiHub are carefully devised for the budding Digital Marketers. Every module, practical project, group-building exercises (for learning and doubt clarification) in the programs are made with many important decision-making styles in mind. These programs are made with the intention to reach you, yes you! Irrespective of which corner of India you come from, NextgenDigiHub is here to give you a warm welcome into the world of Digital Marketing.

  •   To be an Agency cum Institute with the best Digital Marketing services for Businesses, Corporates, Brands, Organizations, and Individuals.
  •   To be able to impart established and contemporary Digital Marketing knowledge and practical skills.
  •   To synchronize concepts, logic and skills for effective marketing strategies for promoting businesses, brands, corporates, and individuals.
  •   To empower entrepreneurial environment and nurture innovative ideas
  •   To make research the way to learn, and master the skills while providing consultancy service to the corporates and business brands ourselves.
  •   To promote awareness on social issues through different group activities and events.

With the mission to be known for producing the best digital marketers in the society and also for the development of competent and socially responsible business leaders, entrepreneurs and researchers.

Our Trainers


A Digital Marketing stalwart, Branding Expert, Digital and Social Media Marketing Consultant, Trainer, Author, Agency owner,
Keynote Speaker, and a magnanimous Entrepreneur, Tushar Rayate has 10+ yrs experience and Multi-Domain expertise by
venturing over 100+ unique niches & fields with a Network of 400+ Clients.


She is a Sales & SEO Expert with 3+ yrs experience in Banking, Insurance, Health& Fitness, Sports, and Finance. Network of 100+ clients.
She is a thorough Digital Marketing Expert who has completed MBA in Marketing, and Bachelor of Banking & Insurance.

Tushar Rayate is the founder of NextgenDigiHub Academy. He is a Branding Expert, Digital and Social Media Marketing Consultant, Trainer, Author, Agency owner, Keynote Speaker and an Entrepreneur with many feathers in his cap.

Tushar started his career of Digital Marketing in the summer of 2012. He started a personal chronicle which soon struck a chord with several companies consulting him for their digital marketing missions, and became what is now one of the most reliable and growing digital marketing companies. One of his biggest projects right now is ‘NextgenDigiHub Academy’, which is one of the brain-child on marketing digitally.

NextgenDigiHub Academy is based out of Dhule, Maharashtra but it is for every Indian out there who wants to make a mark in the Digital Marketing field. He has worked with teams of Facebook, Google, and 400+brands. Owing to his passion for teaching Digital, Tushar had strategised to open up his agency cum institute in Dhule, with the ambition to make some of the best Digital Marketers in the world.

To make India a powerhouse for Digital Marketing, one has to reach its roots. With this mission, Tushar has taken the initiative to reach out to rural India where Digital Marketing is still unheard of. Also, to acquire some benefits of these courses, Tushar has taken an initiative to provide free education to the children of Martyr families. Ultimately, envisioning to make India a digital land.

So if you are looking to hire an expert in any field of Digital Marketing, then book a consultation meeting with Tushar now!

For Consulting, call: +91 9561670529

Participation in Growth of India

Providing free education to the children of Martyred Indian soldiers. Thankful and indebted to the patriotic soldiers who shielded us, and are the reason for our existence today.