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Digital Marketing Overview
- What is Marketing?
- What is Digital Marketing?
- Why are people going online?
- Benefits of Digital Marketing
- Who can use Digital Marketing?
- Digital Marketing Platforms & Strategies
- Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
- Define Marketing Goals
- Types of Search Engine
- Latest Digital Marketing Trends
- What is Advertising?
- What is Online Advertising?
- Career & Scope in Digital Marketing


Website Design Principles
- What is a Website?
- What is a Domain Name?
- What is WWW?
- What are the different types of websites?
- Understanding Website Structure
- Webpage Vs Website
- Difference between Blog & Website
- Purpose of Creating a Website
- How to Build a Webpage?
- What makes a website user-friendly?
- Dynamic Vs Static Website
- What are responsive websites?
Domain Registration & Hosting
- What is domain & subdomain?
- Types of Domains
- How to choose domain name?
- What is IP Address?
- What is Web Hosting?
- Buying & managing Domains
- Importance of Security Server
- What is SSL certification?
The World of the WordPress
- What is WordPress
- Understanding WordPress and its functioning
- Features of WordPress
- Advantages of WordPress
- WordPress Plugins and its uses


Introduction to Search Engine
- Introduction and Basics of Search Engine Optimization
- How Search Engine Works?
- HTML Basics
- Important SEO Tools
- Understanding Link Building & Outbound Links
- Understanding Do-follow, No-follow, Meta Tags, Anchor Text & robot.txt
- Understanding Social Bookmarking, Sitemap & RSS Feed
- What is Landing Page?
- Understanding Sitemap
- What is Social Bookmarking?
- Understanding RSS feed
- What is Alexa ranking?
- Content marketing strategy for SEO
- On-Page SEO vs Off-Page SEO
Keyword Research & Planning
- Introduction to Keyword Research
- What are Keywords?
- Types of Keywords
- Why keyword research is important?
- LSI Keywords
- Keyword research process
- Understanding target market
- What is keyword Density?
- Google Keyword Planner
- Finalizing the Keyword List

OnPage Optimization
- Introduction to Onpage
- Onpage Analysis Methodology
- Fundamental Onpage Factor
- Website Speed
- Domain Name in SEO
- URL Optimization
- Title Tag Optimization
- Meta Tags Optimization
- Content Optimization
- Sitemap Generation
- Using Robot.txt in site
- URL Redirecting Techniques
- Canonical Links
- Rich Snippets

OffPage Optimization
- What is Link Building?
- Types of Link Building Methods
- DoFollow Vs. NoFollow
- Link Building Guidelines
- Link Analysis Tools
- Directory Submission
- Local Business Directories
- Social Bookmarking
- Using Classifieds for Inbound traffic
- Questions & Answers
- Blogging & Commenting
- Guest Blogging
- Press Release
- Link Building Resources

Local SEO
- What is Local SEO?
- Importance of Local SEO
- Google My Business Listing
- Local SEO Profile Optimization
- Local Submissions

SEO Content Writing
- What is Content Writing?
- How to improve writing skills?
- How to write SEO Optimized Content?
- Use of Proper Tags (H1, H2, H3)
- Creating Attractive Title & Heading
- Anchor Text
- Understanding Audience
- Content Marketing Strategies
- Content Creation

Google Algorithms
- Understanding Google Search Algorithm
- How Google Algorithm Works
- Types of Google Algorithms
- Google Panda algorithm Vs Google Penguin algorithm
- Latest updates in Google Search Algorithm

SEO Reporting
- Website Position Analysis
- Website Monthly Reports


Introduction to SMM
- Understanding Social Media
- What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?
- What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?
- Social Media Statistics
- Social Media Strategy
- How to promote business through Social Media?
- How Social Media Affects SEO?
- Social Media Success Tracking Tools
- Establishing your online identity
- Engaging your Audience
- How to use Groups & Forums
Facebook Marketing (Organic Marketing)
- Understanding importance of Facebook for Business
- Company/Fan Page Creation
- Understanding Facebook Insights
- Personal Account Properties
- Facebook Page Properties
- Understanding Facebook Algorithms
- Establishing Online Identity
- Content Creation & Audience Engagement
- Post Types and Scheduling
- Importance of Group Creation & its Use
- Importance of Hashtag
- Facebook Page Management
- Understanding Creative Dimensions
- Types of Post and Statistics
- Creating a Post Strategy
- Understanding User Engagement Metrics
- Integration to FB in Site
Facebook Advertising (Paid Marketing)
- What is Facebook Advertising?
- Types of Promotions
- Audience Targeting
- Advanced Audience Targeting
- Bidding Strategies
- Ad Formats
- Ad Dimensions and Rules
- Remarketing Strategy
- Conversion Tracking
Facebook Catalogue
- Introduction to Catalogue Manager
- Understanding Product Set
- Product Catalogue
- Collection Ads Using Catalogue Sales
- Dynamic Remarketing using Catalogue
- Event Tracking
Instagram Marketing
- What is Instagram
- Instagram Statistics
- How Brands use Instagram?
- Creating Instagram Account
- Content Strategy and Tools
- Power of Hashtag
- Creating a Business Page
- Marketing Tools & Ads
- Instagram Influencer Marketing
- Audience Engagement Strategy
- Instagram Lead Generation
Twitter Marketing
- Introduction to Twitter Marketing
- Benefits of Twitter
- How Brands use Twitter?
- Twitter for Business
- Profile creation and management
- Types of Tweets and Statistics
- Content creation and strategy
- Twitter Contests
- Hashtag and its uses
- Twitter Marketing Tools
- Twitter Advertising
- Audience Targeting
- Influencer Marketing
- Twitter trending algorithm
- How to trend a tweet on Twitter?
LinkedIn Marketing (Organic)
- What is LinkedIn?
- Benefits of LinkedIn Network
- LinkedIn Personal Profile Building
- LinkedIn Profile Optimization
- Understanding the importance of Recommendations in LinkedIn
- Connection Building
- LinkedIn Post Content Marketing
- Company & Group Creation
- How to engage the audience effectively?
LinkedIn Advertising (Paid)
- What is LinkedIn Advertising?
- Types of Promotions
- Audience Targeting
- Advance Audience Targeting
- Bidding Strategies
- Ad Format
- Ad Dimensions and Rules
- Remarketing Strategy
- Conversion Tracking
YouTube Marketing and Optimization
- How to create a YouTube Channel?
- YouTube Keyword Research and Ranking Factors
- Content Creation & Story Lineups
- Upload the First Video
- YouTube Custom Settings
- YouTube Engagement Metrics
- Increasing Subscribers
- Understanding Annotations and Cards
- How to use a Playlist?
- Understanding Copyrights and Spam
- YouTube Ranking Factors
- YouTube Video Optimization
- YouTube Paid Video Promotion
- Understanding YouTube Studio
- YouTube Analytics
Quora Marketing
- Introduction to Quora
- How to drive traffic through Quora?
- Introduction to Quora Marketing
- Types of Ads Campaigns
- Quora Pixel Code Installation
- Creation of Paid Campaigns
- Quora Remarketing
Pinterest Marketing
- Introduction to Pinterest
- Why use Pinterest for Business?
- How to set up a Pinterest account for Business?
- Customizing Pinterest Profile
- How to create Popular Pins?
- How to use Infographics?
- Pinterest Site Integration
- Pinterest Engagement Metrics
- Pinterest Analytics


PPC Advertising (Google Adwords)

- Introduction to Paid Marketing
- Google Account Setup
- Interface Tour and Billing Settings
- Account Structure
- Campaign Settings
- AdGroup Setup
- Keyword Match Types
- Keyword Research Tools
- Understanding Ad Auction
- What is a Quality Score?
- Types of CPC’s
- Bidding Strategies
- Ad Formats
- Ad Guidelines
- Ad Extensions
- What is Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)?
- How to create a DSA Campaign?
- Segments and Filters
- Search Terms and Ad Auctions
- Customization Tools
- Reporting
- Access Levels
- Change History Tool
- My Client Center
- Google AdWords Editor Tool
Display Advertising
- What is Display Advertising?
- How Display Ads works?
- Benefits of Display Advertising
- Bidding Strategies
- Targeting Based Display Marketing
- Exclusion Options
- Ad Formats and Sizes
- Examples of Good and Bad Ads
- Display Ad Builder
- Display Planner Tool
- Display Campaign Reporting
- Conversion Tracking
- Display Remarketing
Google Shopping Ads
- What is a Shopping Campaign?
- Benefits of Shopping Campaign
- Google Merchant Center Account
- Product Feeds
- Types of Product Feeds
- Setting up and organizing your Shopping Campaign
- Best Practices for Shopping Ads
Google Product Listing Ads
- Understanding Google Merchant Center
- Understanding Shopping Ads
- Setup and Merchant Center Account
- Product Data Specification
- Building Product Data
- Creation and Uploading Feed
Bing Ads
- Introduction to Bing Ads
- Difference between Bing Ads & Google Ads
- Introductions to Campaigns, Ad Groups & Ads
- Bidding, Traffic Estimation & CPC Strategy
- Ad Copy Writing Strategy
- Keyword Research
- Bing Certification
Mobile Marketing
- Growth in Mobile Industry
- Benefits of Mobile Marketing
- Mobile Marketing Goals
- App Creation Strategies
- Mobile Search Ads
- Mobile Call Only Campaigns
- Mobile App Install Campaigns
- Mobile App Engagement Campaigns
- Promoting Site in Mobile Apps
- Mobile Ad Formats
- Conversion Tracking
- Reporting in Mobile Ads
Video Marketing & Editing
- Basic of Video Marketing
- Hacks of Video Marketing
- Basics of After Effect
- Importance of Video Marketing
- How to Create a Video Campaign?
- Location Targeting
- Bidding Strategies
- Creating Targeting Groups
- Targeting Options in Video Ads
- Types of Ad Formats
- Measuring the Results of Campaign
- Best Practices for Video Ads
Google Tag Manager
- Introduction to Google Tag Manager
- How to implement Google Tag Manager to website?
- Configuring Trigger & Variables
- Setup Adwords Conversion Tracking
- Setup Google Analytics
- Setup Google Remarketing
Conversion Tracking Tool
- What is Conversion?
- Conversion Planning
- Conversion Tracking
- Implementing Conversion Tracking
- How to calculate ROI?
- Landing Page Optimization
- What is Remarketing?
- Benefits of Remarketing Strategy
- Remarketing in Adwords & Facebook
- Building Remarketing List & Custom Targets
- Creating Remarketing Campaign
- How to boost conversions with Remarketing?
- Strategies for Better Remarketing


Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools)
- Understanding Google Search Console
- Structure Data
- Search Analytics
- Link to the websites
- Data Highlighter
- Internal Links
- HTML Improvements
- Manual Actions
- Accelerated Mobile Pages
- International Targeting
- Google Index
- Crawling
- Security Issues
- Page indexing using Google Search Console
Google Analytics
- Introduction of Google Analytics
- Data Analysis with Google Analytics
- Tracking Traffic from different Source
- Understanding Sessions, Users, Traffic Source, Content Realtime Visitors & Bounce Rate
- Understanding Customization, Reports & Actionable Insights
- Google Analytics code Installation
- Real Time Reports
- Creating Strategy based on available data
YouTube AdSense
- Basics of YouTube AdSense
- How to increase your profitability through YouTube Channel?
- Linking Google AdSense & YouTube AdSense
- Types of YouTube Ads
- Video Monetization
- How to earn like a Boss?
- Case Study
Google AdSense
- Introduction to Google AdSense
- How AdSense works?
- AdSense Guidelines
- Finding a Proper Niche
- AdSense Account Creation
- AdSense Code Installation
- Ads Type
- AdSense Strategy
- AdSense Optimization Tips
Email Marketing
- Introduction to Email Marketing
- Benefits of Email Marketing
- How does Email Marketing work?
- Popular Email Marketing Softwares
- Introduction to MailChimp
- Building an Email List
- Account setup and settings
- Creating a Subscriber List
- Understanding Newsletter
- Creating Email Content
- Optimizing Email Campaigns
- Email Marketing Automations
SMS Marketing
- Setting account for Bulk Messaging
- Content Creation
- SMS Scheduling
- Promotional SMS
- Transactional SMS
WhatsApp Bulk Message Marketing
- Setting account for WhatsApp Bulk Messages
- Content Creation
- Database Management
- Campaign Scheduling
Photo Editing
- Basic of Photoshop
- Editing Image
- Creating Creatives
- Canva
- Hacks of Making Ads with Canva


Ecommerce Marketing
- What is Ecommerce Marketing?
- Online purchasing decision
- Advantages of Ecommerce
- Ecommerce strategy using Affiliate Marketing
Online Reputation Management (ORM)
- What is ORM?
- Why do we need ORM?
- Examples of ORM
- How to Generate ORM Report?
- ORM Case Studies
- Tools for ORM
Inbound Marketing
- What is Inbound Marketing?
- Why use Inbound Marketing?
- Understanding the Target Audience
- Stages of Inbound Marketing
- Types of Content Marketing
- Content Generation Ideas
- Infographics Creation
- Lead Generation
- How to create landing pages?
- A/B Testing Methods
- Hubspot Certification
Growth Hacking
- Growth Hacking Basics
- Who uses it and why do we need it?
- Roles & Responsibilities of Growth Hacker
- Growth Hacking Tools
- Growth Hacking Case Study
Affiliate Marketing
- Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
- Types of Affiliate Program
- How Affiliate Marketing works?
- How to find Affiliate Niche?
- How to make money online?
- How to become an Affiliate Marketer?
- Blogging
- Payments & Payouts
- How to grow your Business with Affiliate Marketing?
App Store Optimization
- Why is it Important?
- How to do an app SEO?
- Why ratings and reviews are important?
- Advertise an app
Amazon Sponsor Ads
- Ad Types
- Bidding
- Targeting
- Optimization
Google Adwords Certification
- Introduction to Certifications
- Types of Certifications
- Register on Google Partners
- Exam Format & Sample Questions
Freelancing Work
- What is Freelancing?
- How does Freelancing work?
- Understanding the Market
- Get to Know about the Freelancing Platforms
- How to apply for Projects?
- How to create a Media Plan?
- How to win a Freelancing Project?
Addon Software’s & Flatforms
- How to become an Instructor & earn through Udemy?
Add-on Flatforms
- How to become an Instructor & earn through Udemy?
Interview Preparation
- Interview Preparation Essentials
- Essential Tools and Resources to Help you succeed
- How to Crack Any Interview? Industry Secrets
- Mock Interview Sessions

Learn from Industry Experts


A Digital Marketing stalwart, Branding Expert, Digital and Social Media Marketing Consultant, Trainer, Author, Agency owner,
Keynote Speaker, and a magnanimous Entrepreneur, Tushar Rayate has 10+ yrs experience and Multi-Domain expertise by
venturing over 100+ unique niches & fields with a Network of 400+ Clients.


She is a Sales & SEO Expert with 3+ yrs experience in Banking, Insurance, Health& Fitness, Sports, and Finance. Network of 100+ clients.
She is a thorough Digital Marketing Expert who has completed MBA in Marketing, and Bachelor of Banking & Insurance.

  •   Growth rates of Digital Markets are increasing ten folds almost every day
  •   Many Career opportunities within Digital Marketing
  •   Ability to start your own Agency once you have settled well within the Digital Marketing world
  •   Be the Master of Sales Funnels, which is required for every successful business
  •   Drive Traffic to your Websites like never before
  •   Stay ahead of all your competitors by knowing how to crack new technologies and trends
  •   Be Certified for almost every module within the program

Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Course

Any queries on training details? Get in touch for more guidance.

Do we require a specific qualification to join Advanced Digital Marketing Professional Course?
No specific qualification required for any of the courses in NextgenDigiHub.
Can I apply for the Advanced Digital Marketing Professional Course offline?
Yes, we have the same course available offline. Click here. However, it is advisable to take up the offline course if you are in and around Dhule.
How much time will it take to learn Advanced Digital Marketing Professional Course?
Advanced Digital Marketing Professional Course takes a maximum of 2 months, with classes being thrice a week - 2 hour every class. The program is flexible for minimal extension.
If an individual is experienced in traditional marketing; can he/she shift their career to digital marketing?
Yes, you can. Advanced Digital Marketing Professional Course will help you transition your career from traditional marketer to Digital Marketer.
Is Advanced Digital Marketing Professional Course available for flexible timings?
Please contact us to get the timings clarified.
Will any certification be available for this course?
Yes, definitely. Students in the program would receive certification for almost every module under the Advanced Digital Marketing Professional Course.

With no prior knowledge of digital marketing, NextgenDigiHub Academy helped me to understand all the basic concepts and enhance my interest in the marketing field. It's a wonderful learning experience with the concepts and the applications of digital marketing. Very glad I took the course from NextgenDigiHub Academy and highly recommended.


Ringlead Inc , Customer Success Manager

The Trainer has amazing subject knowledge, and has clarified all my enquiries. This foundation moreover offers the most amazing assistance as they plan class timings as per my regular practice and coordinate support classes for me.


Maersk Line, Logistics

Tushar sir is the best person you can learn Digital Marketing from. I am one of his students. I have learnt Digital Marketing from him in 2017. From then till today whenever I have any doubt, I call him. He is a complete savior. He is always available to solve any doubt you have. He is the best in this field. And last but not the least he is not just a mentor he is a friend, whom you can depend on.


Thrivefnc, Digital Marketing Executive

NextgenDigiHub had got a special place in my heart. Clarified about the significance of Digital Marketing in the current situation of advertising and profession openings in this field. I was guided and prepared in all ideas of Digital Marketing here. I was prepared on the best way to Optimize Websites, run an Advertising Campaign, to be dynamic in Social media showcasing, how to be a proactive substance essayist and on investigative abilities.


iProspect, SEO

Working with him is always fun, the precision and accuracy on the work details needs to be mentioned, on how things grow and utilise the best social tools from campaign to campaign.



I had quite a good experience with NextgenDigiHub Academy, especially the service & support that I have received from them. I always used to get a prompt response from him, in case of any issue. For the content part, my course is Certificate Course in Digital Marketing(CCDM) contains 10 modules & every module has assignments that we need to take. You get to learn lot many things from the courses provided.

Praveenkumar, Senior Team Lead- SEO & ASO

The Trainer has a very good Knowledge of the subject and he has cleared all my doubts. This institute also provides a very good support as they schedule the class timings as per my routine and arranged even backup classes for me.


Total Tax Solutions, Tax consultant

Tushar as a Faculty is excellent. Even though I am a fresher, the faculty made me understand all concepts in-depth. Very good institute. The management is very friendly and always motivates us to practice more in the lab.


Insignia Communications Pvt Ltd, Accounts Executive